Agriculture Enterprise Risk Management Powered by AI

Introducing AgriEnhance™! Yield-based crop insurance tailored to fit your unique farm.

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Smarter Tools, Better Farming

Farming is Getting More Complicated

More than ever, data-driven insights and flexible, tailored risk management are essential to guide your growing season.

Accurate Data Decisions

With Agi3, each LLD in Western Canada is mapped for real-time risk identification and assessment.

Tailored Crop Protection

Agi3 generates your unique risk profile, offering dynamic real-time pricing that is individualized to your needs.

The Agi3 platform brings in all my field data, allowing me to track activities and events, and can now provide me with custom options for insurance. This will improve my coverage, and the premium I pay takes into account how I am farming.
Rick Rutherford, President, Rutherford Farms Ltd.
The Agi3 platform brings it all together and helps us organize it all in one place. Each field is mapped, and we can see how each field is doing in real-time to use it to support our decision-making. It also gives us information about what crop insurance is best for each field, and a specific premium to our field and farm.
Matt Coutts, Coutts Agro
Agi3’s platform makes it much easier to customize my insurance, access advanced insights, and their Concierge service with experts available help me organize everything and make sure that it all makes sense.
Hubert Preun, Vice president Longlake Farms

Why Agi3?

Insure Your Crop

Agi3’s insurance product shelf is expanding. Choose from usage-based options, from individual crop to whole-farm, and fine-tune coverage to the quarter section. Soon hail, parametric, and partner-embedded solutions for grain forward contracting.

Data Assets

Harness the power of AI. We analyze, distill, and deliver insights straight to you.

Field Management

Easily integrate with your other farm platforms, manage your fields, crops and herd all at a glance.

Fast and Easy

Secure your insurance quote in just minutes, tailored just for you.

Make an Impact

Measure, report, and validate your practices with Agi3’s cutting-edge tools.

Exclusive Complimentary Access

Embrace tailored risk analysis through Agi3’s complimentary platform, delivering optimized coverage uniquely engineered for your farm, with trust as our foundation.

Customized Crop Insurance Options


Our flagship product suite, AgriEnhance™, offers highly individualized and customizable insurance solutions designed to bolster farmers’ resilience amidst the volatile and unpredictable agricultural landscape. By complementing existing government crop insurance programs, AgriEnhance™ provides farms with a tailored suite of solutions that align with their specific requirements.

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Consistent cash flow in case of reduced yields.
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Customizable insurance coverage at the individual
crop level.
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Complimentary access to the Agi3 Enterprise Risk
Management platform.
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Fast and automated application process.


Provides critical protection for farmers who enter into forward contracts, and can’t fulfil their crop commitments.


HailProtect™ embodies a revolutionary development in crop hail insurance, harnessing state-of-the-art technology to deliver an exceptionally precise, transparent, and efficient solution tailored for farmers.