Technology That Promotes Sustainability

Smart-Farming is Good for Everyone

Technologies for agriculture, including IoT-enabled equipment, satellite imagery and field-level sensors create incredible opportunities to increase food production in a sustainable way, including:

Green globe

More Productive Acres

Green globe

Optimized Fertilizer and Pesticide Applications

Green globe

Reduced Water and Fuel Consumption

Despite this, a leading industry analyst predicts that by 2025 fewer than 50% of farms will utilize one or more of these technologies.

Encouraging Farms to be More Sustainable

Insurance is a key catalyst for adopting cutting-edge technologies. However, legacy insurance models often fall short in providing adequate coverage for progressive farmers, creating a disincentive for innovation. Daily decisions on your farm are fundamental to achieving both productivity and sustainability goals. That’s why Agi3 is here with tailored solutions to bridge this gap and empower you to make sustainable choices with confidence.

Your Sustainability Advantage with Agi3

Unlock sustainability benefits with Agi3’s tailored coverage, simplified practices, and innovative rewards.

Flexible and Hyper-Personalized Coverage

Agi3 provides a whole suite of usage-based products, from top-up to parametric and hail, that you can tailor down to a quarter section.

Streamlined Measure, Report, Verification (MRV) Tools

Highlights farm best management practices and demonstrates a real return on investment – encouraging adoption of these technologies where appropriate.

Rewards, Knowledge, and Research

Incentivize sustainable farm management through insurance premium discounts and higher/targeted coverage levels.